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An anonymous individual narrated his encounter with Oro yesterday night (8th December 2018) around 2 am. “I attended a party at malate yesterday, so i and my friends were on our way back to my hostel around E- place environment, at a point we stopped because we heard a sound inside the bush, one of my friend thought it was snake and others said it was a bush rat so that little sign made us stopped then one of my friend told me to off my touch light then the next next thing we heard was Orooo!!!. Immediately the five of us started running faster than our legs as the oro were running after us, we almost fell down but we were able to make it back to the party venue Thank God immediately we informed them at the party to also inform others. Our major aim was to go and eat at the hostel but we encountered oro on our way home. So this to inform the general public to be obedient to any relevant information. The oro was real”.

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